Thursday and Friday, September 20th and 21st!

Olympic State Park, Washington.

The days here are kinda a blur. We seemed to go from one spot to another, waterfall to waterfall, lodge to lodge, beach to beach and hike to hike! So some of these days are probably not in correct order! It was cool, gray and rainy!

We hiked the Hurricane Trail. It was windy and chilly along the Ridge.

We saw marmots and coyotes along the trail. It has an old ski lift and Olympic ski rescue hut but I think it’s probably been not working for a long time.

One of the cool things on this Ridge was the mountain goat rescue. Mountain goats are not indigenous to the Olympic Park system. They were brought here in the 1920’s and have increased in numbers. It since they are not indigenous, they are affecting the ecosystem, so after many meetings with many departments of the park system, it was voted to remove the mountain goats. Currently they are being “sniper” sedated from helicopters, tagged, removed via helicopter and flown to the Cascade mountains. We saw one being flown out and you can see a tiny white spot below the copter in the distance! They hope to remove as many of the 700 or so mountain goats, and the rest will be hunted and killed. In a few short months, nearly 100 have been relocated!

We had lunch at the Lake Crescent Lodge– beautiful Lake Crescent Lake, west of Port Angeles. Franklin D. Roosevelt stayed here on September 30th, 1937 and proposed the Olympic National Park with the park service advisors! I had the red blend Harbinger “Dynamo” wine. Instead of having red wine sediment in the bottom, it had small pebbles in the bottom of my glass. The bartender said every bottle has the small pebbles in it, so being as curious as I am, after our hike I had another glass with our lunch and it had pebbles in it too!

We hiked the Marymere Falls. Just beautiful!

We hiked the Quinault Rain Forest, and indeed it was! It had many kinds of mushrooms and mossy trees. Then we had lunch at the Quinault Lake Lodge– absolutely stunning! It was built and completed in 53 DAYS in 1926 after the original hotel burned down in 1924.

Then we drove to the beaches……more of that tomorrow!


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