The Last Leg of The Trip

This is the part where we traveled mostly on interstate. I felt an urgency to get to PA to see my mom who has been in and out of the hospital, and now in a rehab facility for strength training. Mom’s 91st birthday was in Thursday and we arrived yesterday, on Friday. We went to see her first, had dinner and then hooked up the RV in my sister’s driveway.

We camped in Ogallala, Nebraska at the KOA and rode our bikes to dinner at the Urban Farmer. Not a bad place- just terribly overpriced for the area and mediocre service.

Lunch at Lazlo’s and then dinner in Omaha where we stayed at the Even Hotel so Bergey could get a much needed bath!

Here are some pics from the drive and our short visit to the Notre Dame University campus where we stopped and had lunch. Toledo Ohio KOA campground and then we drove straight through to Emmaus to get here on Friday afternoon.

I don’t know how long we will be here. A few days at the very least.

Saturday-Salt Lake City, Utah

Driving to Salt Lake City from Elko was very windy. And not very exciting.

We drove through the Bonneville Salt Flats, which is one of the largest salt flats in the US. There are 30,000 acres of flat land composed of a thick white crust. In the center it is 5 feet thick! They were formed at the end of The last Ice Age when the lake dried up!

Next– Salt Lake City! We took UBER from the campground, walked around the downtown and did a little shopping.

We went to Epic brewery for lunch and it was really pretty good! I should have done a beer blog! And look how cheap!,

And we went to the Mormon Temple. There were lots of people outside because there were multiple weddings at the same time. Is that the Mormon way!? For dinner we rode our bikes to the Red Iguana! Very yummy Mexican food with AMAZING moles of different types!

September 28th— Friday

On our way to Salt Lake City we stopped in Elko, Nevada for a night. The campground was in a parking lot behind a casino. Steve was excited because he got $15 of ” free ” chips to play at their casino but it was smoky 🤢 inside. We went across the street to another casino and Steve won enough at Blackjack to pay for our dinner at the Friday night all you can eat seafood buffet!!

That’s it for Elko!

September 26th and 27th , Wednesday and Thursday

I need to add that after Crescent City we spent a night in Clearlake, Ca. Sounds really nice, right. Well, it wasn’t! It was very hot, dry and dusty and the campground host was a kinda creepy man. There was no where to go except a Walmart, so we grilled burgers at the site. We knew it was for only a night so it was ok! On the road there was evidence of fires.

Wheels up at 0845 to the Avenue of The Giants in Humboldt State Park… we drove along the California coast to the amazing, majestic redwoods! Pics do not do them justice as seen in previous post . We saw elk in the fields along the way!

Then continued to Lake Tahoe for two nights. We were going to stay at Camp Richards but they were very strict about their No Dog policy. The campground across the street, Fallen Leaf,was beautiful, but no hookups or phone service. So we found a spot in the campground in the city park and it was perfect! We got the last site too! It was convenient to walk and bike to places. We biked back to Camp Richards to check it out and have lunch.

We explored South Lake Tahoe City, and had dinner the first night with John and Suzie’s son Joe. Lunch on the second day was on the water after riding our bikes around. There are bike paths throughout the area but some of it is on the main road which is very busy even in the off season. And we had dinner with Joe and his lovely wife Azzy the second night at MacDuff’s, an Irish pub type place with really good fish and chips!

Wheels up to Salt Lake City with a night in Elko, NV!

Monday and Tuesday, September 24th and 25th

Wheels up and driving to Crescent City, California!Home of the Redwood trees! On our way to Crescent City we met an eccentric man on a bike who told us we HAS to stop along the way to “see Venus Flytrap plants on the 191”, which is said was one of only two places in the world they grow. Never did find out if this was true or not!

We stayed at the Crescent City KOA but left after one night. There were no bike or hiking trails from the campground as we had been led to believe. The trees were so dry and dusty from fallen ash and the ground being dry.

Saturday and Sunday, September 22nd and 23rdw

We pulled into Portland OR Saturday afternoon and went to the Riverside Hotel and Spa for two nights! How exciting to have a king size bed, a gym with a steam room and sauna, a real shower and a walking trail right outside our door! It felt so decadent!

We went for sushi at Yama Sushi and Izakaya the first night! It was beautiful and tasty, except for the shrimp heads below! Or maybe they were tasty! I wasn’t going to find out!!

After a massage at the spa in the morning, we went to Subterra for lunch before heading out to the Willamette Valley for wine tastings. Bergstrom is one of our favorites and the recommended Coleen Clemons, so we went there too. Both were beautiful, good wine, and dog friendly!

Back on the road and on our way to California!!

Thursday and Friday, September 20th and 21st!

Olympic State Park, Washington.

The days here are kinda a blur. We seemed to go from one spot to another, waterfall to waterfall, lodge to lodge, beach to beach and hike to hike! So some of these days are probably not in correct order! It was cool, gray and rainy!

We hiked the Hurricane Trail. It was windy and chilly along the Ridge.

We saw marmots and coyotes along the trail. It has an old ski lift and Olympic ski rescue hut but I think it’s probably been not working for a long time.

One of the cool things on this Ridge was the mountain goat rescue. Mountain goats are not indigenous to the Olympic Park system. They were brought here in the 1920’s and have increased in numbers. It since they are not indigenous, they are affecting the ecosystem, so after many meetings with many departments of the park system, it was voted to remove the mountain goats. Currently they are being “sniper” sedated from helicopters, tagged, removed via helicopter and flown to the Cascade mountains. We saw one being flown out and you can see a tiny white spot below the copter in the distance! They hope to remove as many of the 700 or so mountain goats, and the rest will be hunted and killed. In a few short months, nearly 100 have been relocated!

We had lunch at the Lake Crescent Lodge– beautiful Lake Crescent Lake, west of Port Angeles. Franklin D. Roosevelt stayed here on September 30th, 1937 and proposed the Olympic National Park with the park service advisors! I had the red blend Harbinger “Dynamo” wine. Instead of having red wine sediment in the bottom, it had small pebbles in the bottom of my glass. The bartender said every bottle has the small pebbles in it, so being as curious as I am, after our hike I had another glass with our lunch and it had pebbles in it too!

We hiked the Marymere Falls. Just beautiful!

We hiked the Quinault Rain Forest, and indeed it was! It had many kinds of mushrooms and mossy trees. Then we had lunch at the Quinault Lake Lodge– absolutely stunning! It was built and completed in 53 DAYS in 1926 after the original hotel burned down in 1924.

Then we drove to the beaches……more of that tomorrow!